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  • Ruby Lee

    Ruby Lee

    Mother, Wife, Teacher, Librarian, Teller of Stories. Author of The Marriage Wars by Leeanne Beasley Berry. Top Writer in Parenting, This Happened to Me, Humor

  • Rachel D Adams

    Rachel D Adams

    (she/her/pan) I’m not to be mistaken for a well-behaved woman. I’m an ally, amateur photog, content creator, novelist, empty nester, traveler, wife, & friend.

  • H.C. Holmes

    H.C. Holmes

    Adventurous with my thinking, dangerous with my pen.

  • Ginger Bangs

    Ginger Bangs

    I write fairy tales, erotica, horror, humor and poetry. Come, read — and cum again, if you want to!

  • Kristin Lance

    Kristin Lance

    An #indieauthor of #erotica and #steamyromance who should probably get better at writing this bio if she wants to get you to read her stories. She/Her 18+

  • Jordan Lubov

    Jordan Lubov

    Writer of steamy, contemporary romance novels and erotica.

  • Alex Caine

    Alex Caine

    Writer of Erotic Romance.

  • Oscar Rhea

    Oscar Rhea

    Mother of three. Medal of Honor Recipient. Heart Surgeon at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Liar.

  • Lucy Lewis

    Lucy Lewis

    I am a mother and student teacher. My first love was writing, and the passion still burns bright. I write about my experiences and emotions, call it therapy.

  • Amy Sea

    Amy Sea

    16 X Top Writer, Editor— Comedian, Satirist, Humorist, Top Writer. Publisher of Breast Stories. Follow my pub

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