Humiliation tinged with arousal heats up my body as he strokes the white lace of my panties.

My fingers tremble as I pick up the priceless jeweled egg. The diamonds and rich red rubies threaten to blind me. Selling this one small egg would give me enough money to pay off my parents’ debts…

And would get my ass thrown into prison.

Stealing a priceless jeweled egg…

I was much too busy imagining what it would be like to kiss that mouth. Now I’m wondering if I should kiss him for real…

I drink my cocktail as I watch the man across the room. When he takes a sip of his whiskey, I think, I wish you were sipping from my pussy.

The man in question is Garrett Booker, though in my mind, I always call him Mr. Booker. He was my…

The epitome of sadness is eating a mediocre chicken pot pie from Boston Market alone in your car.

Since I had a $5 coupon, I decided to get some grub at Boston Market. I got the chicken pot pie.


I like my chicken pot pies to…


Instead, I move my hips toward him, increasing the sweet, illicit friction.

Christ, I really hate this job sometimes.

I have to keep myself from gagging when Carl sniffs my hair. “Mmm, you smell like Japanese cherry blossoms,” he says.

It takes all of my willpower to not roll my eyes. I use strawberry-scented shampoo.

I disliked him almost instantly. The second…


My insides twist as his violet eyes linger on my towel and how much it does not cover.

Was I a murderer in a past life? I must have been because my life feels like a divine punishment.

I shiver, hugging myself. I’m naked in the women’s locker room at the country club. Why don’t I just put some clothes on, you might be wondering? Well, half an…


Here I am, dressed in nothing but a camisole and panties, getting ready to auction off my virginity to some rich guy.

If you told me last year that I would end up selling my v-card to the highest bidder, I would’ve said that you were sniffing insane amounts of glue.

But here I am, dressed in nothing but a yellow lace camisole and panties, getting ready to auction off my virginity…

Isla Chiu

Author of smut & romance. ☕

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